Shepherds Friendly: Strategic media review

25 January 2022

Challenge :​

Shepherds Friendly approached Join the Dots with a brief to review their acquisition strategy to drive growth for their adult ISA product as their current media plan was no longer delivering results. 


We started with a full review of their existing member data and historic campaign activity, then created a multi-channel campaign to drive the highest possible levels of response across media to which the audience was most likely to respond positively. 


By measuring response holistically, we were able to understand the roles offline and online played in driving incremental sales of their ISA products. With the combined response history and geo-demographic data we created a propensity model for partially addressed mail which would improve conversion.


The first tranche of results showed that the partially addressed mail campaign contributed to increases in key metrics and there was a significant increase in organic traffic – both of which led to the desired growth of their adults ISA product. 

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