Real difference in approach, really different results.

At Join the Dots, we create our own way that’s right for us and our clients.

You’re probably getting tired of the stale way some media agencies claim to be different, we’re not a dinner and drinks type of agency, we’re a night at The Crystal Maze, getting stuck into solving problems, collaborating and having fun while doing it type of agency.

Real difference in approach, really different results.

We are going to keep adapting to the ever-changing media industry and evolve as an agency that turns our clients’ goals into wins and successful campaigns through the power of connection. Simplifying the ever-growing pool of data points to grow our client’s customer bases, sustainably, morally, and efficiently.

Join the dots

We are ready to tackle your challenges with our unbiased approach, let’s Join the Dots, get you connected and make your media unstoppable.

Who we are

We’re an award-winning media agency, committed to working in a transparent, sustainable manner to help our clients meet their acquisition goals, regardless of channel or medium.

We’re proudly independent, not driven by delivering buying quotas or side-lined by other priorities. We operate with neutrality in our media selection, guided by data and insight and placing strategy at the heart of what we do.

What we stand for

When we say we collaborate, we mean more than working side by side. We become a part of your team, integrating your values and passions because what matters to you, matters to us.

At Join the Dots we are innovation led, with sustainability at our core.

Powered by data, driven by people. Empowering our clients by turning data into insight, simplifying to make it useful and useable. Delivering campaigns, the right way, not the easy way.

Our Pledge


We’re immersive, our clients’ needs are our needs, and we do everything for your gain first and foremost, not ours.


No short cuts, no blueprinted plans, we’ll be honest, and data led. Even if it’s not what you want to hear!


We will be ethical and sustainable throughout the process (not just production stage.)


We will look to the future to guide our activity, where long-term impact takes precedence over short-term gains.


Working with us will be different to what you’re used to; we’ll be fun and innovative; we love the hustle of media agency life, we don’t sit still, and we won’t play according to the rule book.


ISO27001 certified, so you can trust that your data is in safe hands.

Meet the team

Anastasiya Sirjusingh

Media Executive

Ben Briggs

Managing Partner

Callum Hardwick

Media Executive

Charlie Jobling

Senior Media Strategist

Clare Arndell

Head of Media Planning & Operations

Jodie Hanrahan

Media Account Director

Nathan Rose

Director of Growth

Sarah Burns

Head of Media Partnerships & Solutions

Tanya McCourt

Account Director

Featured blogs

Pitch Positive Pledge – We’re In! 
Pitch Positive Pledge – We’re In! 

by Nathan Rose on 11 August 2022

Pitching is and always will remain an essential part of the relationship building process and this commitment to ensure that it remains positive for all involved is a most welcome one to the team at Join the Dots. 

How to Grow a Brand
How to Grow a Brand

by Sarah Burns on 28 July 2022

For too long, brand building has been thought of as a ‘fluffy’ notion. In fact, what Binet and Field rightly point out is that brand building is about long-term growth and sales…which immediately gets the attention of CFO’s!  

Marketing through a recession
Marketing through a recession

by Sarah Burns on 19 July 2022

Ever an honest voice, Mark Ritson released his 'Recession Playbook', so we wanted to share our top 5 take-outs for the tricky times inevitably ahead.

DMA Door Drop Report 2022
DMA Door Drop Report 2022

by Join the Dots on 16 June 2022

The latest DMA Door Drop Report provides great insight into the ever growing channel. Check out our blog to find out what stood out to us!

A day in the office with…Sarah Burns, Head of Media Partnerships & Solutions
A day in the office with…Sarah Burns, Head of Media Partnerships & Solutions

by Join the Dots on 18 March 2022

Sarah Burns Sarah first joined us in 2011 working in Bath and Edinburgh for almost 5 years, before leaving for pastures new, but it wasn’t long before she was attracted back to Join the Dots thanks to the innovative print campaigns we were executing for clients. To find out what a ‘typical’ day in the

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