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Broadcast Media

Our data-led planners are experts in using broadcast channels to drive campaigns which deliver anything from mass awareness to highly targeted and trackable performance metrics. If you have a goal, we can dream up a plan to bring it to life.

Our Broadcast Media services

Our Broadcast Media megastars will work together with you to design and implement powerful, effective media campaigns. From TV and radio to podcasts, let us Join the Dots and make your Broadcast Media unforgettable. Here’s how we do it:


TV combines efficiency and flexibility, whether using linear TV to reach broad audiences or digital video across social platforms with connected TV for retargeting.

As a result of the proliferation of TV platforms, TV is no longer limited to high-spending brands. Whatever your marketing objective, there will be a TV product which can help you achieve it.

As we’re not tied into trading deals, we can optimise spend towards the highest-performing platforms in real time and ensure your budgets go further to deliver successful campaigns.

Linear TV

Traditional live TV, also referred to as linear TV is still watched by millions every day. This means it can be a very cost-effective way to reach around 90% of the population on a weekly basis driving both increased awareness and high response rates.

TV is perceived by consumers as highly trustworthy, thereby creating the ideal environment for advertising messages, as well as providing contextual opportunities to bring a message to life.

Using TV attribution software, campaigns can be measured and optimised to deliver highly successful campaigns.


Commercial radio stations offer advertisers the broadest targeting of traditional sociodemographic groups at either a local, regional, or national level. Spots can be contextualised around specific content or times of the day.

Radio has been proven to drive a positive ROI for advertisers, as well as adding reach and frequency to multi-media campaigns, driving an increase in the overall ROI of multi-channel campaigns.

Out of Home

Advertisers can reach their target audience while they are on the move with unmissable messages via Out of Home advertising.

Whether that’s via print sites with bold creative messaging, driving both offline and online actions, or digital Out of Home sites that can be tailored using advanced data connectivity, OOH can deliver a multitude of impacts, from direct response to brand awareness and online, offline or footfall response.

Print OOH can connect successfully with geographically focussed campaigns, adding extra reach to a door drop campaign for instance, which is proven to drive an increased response.

Or, with digital OOH, you can serve targeted ads based on data points – imagine being able to factor in weather, location, or time of day to your advertising – with it we can deliver a highly creative, hyper focused solution.

Now that smartphones are so commonplace and connecting us on the move, they can be considered for direct response too, where once we would have just considered this a broadcast channel.

Broadcast Media - Podcasts


Podcasts allow advertisers to connect with immersed listeners when they are consuming content they have chosen based on their interest. This means the listeners are likely to be very receptive to associated brand advertising.

Podcasts are also an effective way to extend and amplify activity on other channels leading to higher response rates overall.

What we can do for you

Print Media

Print offers unique creative opportunities to reach customers directly in their home or workplace, as part of a connected media campaign, to deliver reach, frequency and direct response.

Digital Media

We are an agency that prides itself on being data-led and digital channels provide us with endless streams of data that allow us to target with pin-point precision and track outcomes at a very detailed level.

Digital Media Services


Whether it’s using data for acquisition, retention or cross selling, data is at the very heart of everything we do. We join the data dots to create meaningful insights that deliver effective campaigns and data solutions.

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