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At Join the Dots, we are an agency that prides itself on being data-led. Digital channels provide us with endless streams of data that allow us to target with pin-point precision and track outcomes at a very detailed level.


Once we’ve profiled your audience and understood what makes them tick, we can extend and amplify messaging from your offline channels across digital to drive awareness and engagement. Then, by retargeting at an effective frequency, we can deliver cost-efficient response.


Activity on digital channels can be quick to get up-and-running, with a myriad of opportunities for creative testing. And by using the data to optimise campaigns in real time, we can make sure we drive the best possible results from your digital budgets.



Display encompasses a wide mix of formats including banners and video along with endless targeting variables across many devices.

Display can connect with people on content around their interests or behaviours in order to create stand-out and drive awareness. Alternatively, we can reach people in specific verticals or locations to drive response and action.

The creative possibilities are endless, from full-size homepage takeovers to video pre-rolls, meaning display can be used to achieve many media objectives.


The automated activation of bespoke audience segments wherever they are online has many benefits including flexibility and scale.

With so many people online, it’s easy to drive high levels of reach cost-efficiently in order to build awareness. You can spend as little or as much as you like on programmatic, which means it’s used by both smaller and larger brands to achieve their objectives.

At Join the Dots, we only work with providers who can guarantee brand safety and work in a transparent manner to ensure best possible value.

Paid Social

Paid Social

Social media platforms deliver high levels of reach for nearly all target audiences at a time when they are in a “browsing” frame of mind and receptive to messaging, especially if that messaging is tailored to their interests.

Multiple formats allow for real creativity in engaging prospective customers and the targeting options can replicate offline targeting, such as postcode sectors or demographics.

So, if you want to create a highly connected campaign which delivers superior results, look no further than Paid Social.

Digital Radio

The audio equivalent of Addressable TV, digital radio is super targeted and trackable. Ads are served to specific audiences whilst people are listening through apps or smart speakers to a combination of music and podcasts.

With Digital Radio, audiences can be created using 1st-, 2nd-or 3rd-party data across pre-built segments or bespoke targets.

How do we access this data? A pixel is placed on the brand’s site which tracks a unique listener ID and their onsite behaviour. The behaviour of those exposed to a digital ad can then be compared with other site visitors who haven’t been exposed, also known as uplift vs control.

Addressable TV

Addressable TV

Addressable TV platforms such as Sky AdSmart or ITV Hub enable advertisers to identify very specific audiences and ensures that audience only are exposed to their messaging.

There are differing levels of targeting options using 1st-, 2nd- or 3rd-party data which range from purchasers of content like specific products such as luxury holidays, through to consumers of cookery programmes or documentaries.

So, Addressable TV can be an effective media channel for any type of brand, no matter their size or product offering, with reporting tools available to measure the success of each campaign.


Native advertising uses in-content formats which aid discovery of a brand or curate products and make recommendations.

By running activity that looks like editorial within an editorial environment, clickthrough rates tend to be higher so native can be a useful tool for highly targeted activation campaigns.

And with higher clickthrough rates comes greater levels of attribution, so you can really understand the outcomes of your native activity.

Digital Out of Home

Digital Out of Home

Advertisers can reach their target audience while they are on the move with unmissable messages via digital out of home advertising.

Sites can be tailored using advanced data connectivity to deliver a multitude of objectives, from direct response to brand awareness and online, offline or footfall response.

You can serve targeted ads based on data points – imagine being able to factor in weather, location, or time of day to your advertising – with it we can deliver a highly creative, hyper focused solution.

Now that smartphones are so commonplace and connecting us on the move, they can be considered for direct response too, where once we would have just considered this a broadcast channel.

What we can do for you

Broadcast Media

Our data-led planners are experts in using broadcast channels to drive campaigns which deliver anything from mass awareness to highly targeted and trackable performance metrics. If you have a goal, we can dream up a plan to bring it to life.

Print Media

Print offers unique creative opportunities to reach customers directly in their home or workplace, as part of a connected media campaign, to deliver reach, frequency and direct response.


Whether it’s using data for acquisition, retention or cross selling, data is at the very heart of everything we do. We join the data dots to create meaningful insights that deliver effective campaigns and data solutions.

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