Direct Mail: Helping you create clever campaigns that deliver real results.

Cut through the marketing noise and deliver your message right into your audience’s hands.

Contrary to popular belief, direct mail is not a thing of the past – in fact, people value something they can interact with 24% more than something they can only see.

So why not work with a direct mail agency to put your brand in front of more people? We’re here to Join the Dots for you.

Our approach to Direct Mail

Everyone loves getting personalised mail, especially in a world focused on emails and digital channels. That’s why more and more people are picking it up, with Millennials 38.3 times more likely to interact with direct mail.

Direct mail has a huge amount of reach across the population, helping you target existing or new prospects alike, with trackable data and analytics providing valuable insights into the impact each campaign creates.

Our direct mail campaigns are always GDPR-compliant, as well as completely bespoke to your company. The power of print is still growing – are you keeping up?

How we work with you

At Join the Dots, we are powered by data and driven by people. We always go the extra mile, working as an extension of your team to deliver direct mail campaigns with a difference.

Data informs everything we do, so we ensure our campaigns always hit the mark. Detailed data means detailed campaigns, so your direct mail ends up in the hands of the people who want to see it.

We don’t believe in taking shortcuts, which is why we take the time to really get to know you to deliver a totally immersive solution so you can take advantage of all the many benefits of direct mail.



Our Direct Mail services

We will work together with you to design and implement creative and effective direct mail campaigns that get results.

Plus, our print media team will also work alongside our data-led planners, brilliant broadcast team, and digital whizz kids to deliver multi-layered, multi-channel campaigns with maximum impact.

Oh, and because it’s exceptionally trackable, we can easily understand campaign performance. We can go on to assess what works best and use the insights gathered for future direct mail campaigns.


What we can do for you

In addition to direct mail and print media solutions, our team of media masterminds use data-led insights to provide a multi-media approach through solutions including:

Broadcast Media 

Whether you want to deliver mass awareness or need campaigns with highly targeted performance metrics, our planners will create brilliant broadcast campaigns with tangible results across radio, TV, podcasts, and more.

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Digital Media 

As a data-led agency, digital channels provide us with all the information we need to create targeted campaigns with pinpoint precision and track our outcomes with unbeatable detail.

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Data is at the heart of everything we do and where all our campaigns begin. Find out how we can join the data dots to create meaningful insights and deliver powerful solutions securely and effectively.

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Due to uncertainty around mail post GDPR, RSPCA turned off letterbox acquisition in 2018. However, in 2020 with F2F not an option due to Covid, they wanted to revisit direct mail  and door drop and test partially addressed mail. However results and data were 3+ years out of date so required help in guiding them from volume recommendations to forecasting.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army were already spending significant budgets across other channels, but they wanted to recruit more donors. Our challenge was therefore to increase inserts volume year-on-year, whilst maintaining a positive ROI in order to continue to be part of their marketing mix.​

James Wellbeloved

James Wellbeloved wanted to understand what level of discounting produced the best CPA and ROI, for their inserts campaign, in a heavily discounted competitive marketplace. While they were hesitant to offer too much of a discount, reducing net revenue and decreasing the brand’s premium quality, this had to be balanced with driving sufficient response. 

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Are you ready to Join the Dots and deliver Direct Mail campaigns that drive results?

Here at Join the Dots, we will work in a transparent, sustainable manner to help you reach your goals, creating multi-channel campaigns that deliver maximum impact.  

Plus, because we’re media neutral and completely independent, you can rest assured that we will always create truly bespoke campaigns that work had for you.  

To discover more about how we can help with your Direct Mail or Print Media campaigns, get in touch with our team today.