Why choose Join the Dots to manage your data?

Not only is it GDPR compliant to have clean and accurate data, but it’s also the foundation of every campaign at Join the Dots. Organised data allows for informed decisions to be made based on evidence.

Whether it’s using data for acquisition, retention or cross selling, data is at the very heart of everything we do. We join the data dots to create meaningful insights that deliver effective campaigns and data solutions.

You can be confident that Join the Dots will handle your data in a GDPR compliant way being ISO27001 accredited and undertaking rigorous Cyber Security training regularly as a business. Your data safety is our priority.


The homemover market is a significant opportunity for brands to drive sales from consumers who are in a switching/purchasing mindset pre, during, and post move.

But during this busy time, customers are overwhelmed with a never-ending to-do list and can miss those important updates to tell brands they are on the move. We help brands keep in touch with their customers to continue meaningful relationships. 

Interested in learning more about how Homemover data can support your customer acquisition goals? Download our exclusive report via the link below. 

Data Cleanse

As important as great data is, on its own it will not produce a great response, but poor data will always result in a poor response.

With personal data, change is constant and if left un-managed it will instantly become less impactful when you come to use it. By ensuring data is always as accurate as possible businesses are better placed to maintain good customer relationships, improve efficiency, reduce risk and drive a stronger return on investment. Building a plan to manage your data effectively can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

Introducing our Pura

Designed to easily enable data processing at the highest levels of speed, accuracy and security. Using market-leading data-management platforms, Pura will deliver fast, flexible and scalable data cleansing in a user-friendly interface. Pura will add value to your data, whatever the scale, unlocking its true potential.



If you know how relevant each customer touchpoint is then you’ll know how to spread out your marketing spend effectively. Attribution modelling helps to evaluate the importance of every customer touchpoint


Broadcast Media

Our data-led planners are experts in using broadcast channels to drive campaigns which deliver anything from mass awareness to highly targeted and trackable performance metrics. If you have a goal, we can dream up a plan to bring it to life.

Print Media

Print offers unique creative opportunities to reach customers directly in their home or workplace, as part of a connected media campaign, to deliver reach, frequency and direct response.

Digital Media Services

Digital Media

We are an agency that prides itself on being data-led and digital channels provide us with endless streams of data that allow us to target with pin-point precision and track outcomes at a very detailed level.

Need help with a Data project?

Whether you’re looking for a quick chat about a campaign, advice on your media strategy, or career opportunities at Join the Dots, do get in touch.

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