Our approach to
Print Media

The Join the Dots team takes a customer-centric approach to planning through to delivery, meaning that the entire process is underpinned by customer insight and driven by data.

Print offers unique creative opportunities to reach customers directly in their home or workplace, as part of a connected media campaign, to deliver reach, frequency and direct response.

Only data that is fully GDPR compliant will form part of your campaign – so complete transparency is assured.

Partially Addressed Mail

Partially Addressed Mail offers a targeted route to reach exclusively new prospects directly in their own homes, in areas of high existing customer penetration.

We capture attention with relevant messages and a creative hook, addressing the reader in ways like, ‘dear thrill seeker’, ‘holiday lover’, or ‘savvy investor’.

PAM is cost-effective and gives your brand a big boost in reach, making a huge difference to your brand’s acquisition and retention targets.

Door Drop

Door Drop can reach 100% of the UK population in their homes. It’s low cost, and it’s flexible, which makes it a perfect solution and allows for activity to be targeted as accurately as a single street or as broadly as every UK address.

You can put your message directly into the hands of the people you want, driving impact and direct response online and offline. It can even drive footfall, it generates a rapid and measurable response, whilst building positive brand feelings that last.

Thanks to the geographical targeting, Door Drop can integrate well with our other geographically targeted channels for a holistic campaign such as OOH and Radio.


Inserts are a highly trusted medium, and really open a lot of opportunities for reaching consumers. Whether it’s through national titles, reaching high volumes of prospects at a low cost, or piggy-backing a brand’s parcels to deliver a targeted message into the home, inserts deliver cost effective results time and time again.

Inserts have been proven to drive response and awareness, driving online and offline actions, as well as localised impact such as driving footfall when using regional or local insert carriers.

Because the insert carrier is often a trusted source, having chosen to engage with it themselves, the consumer is far more likely to trust the Brands insert content.


Whether it’s laid down in advance or simply booked the day before, Press advertising can be incredibly flexible, allowing brands to be relevant and ‘of the moment’.

Press ads can drive great brand awareness, as well as direct response, based on title selection, ad placement and size and even day of week.

The incorporation of Press within a multi-media campaign ads reach and has been proven to enhance the performance of Inserts when they are used in conjunction.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail offers a highly targeted and personalised route to reaching prospects in their home or workplace. DM is a trusted medium, being delivered by the ‘postie’ and is a part of everyday life. This channel allows businesses to reach existing or cold prospects (combined or exclusively) due to the data targeting available.

Direct Mail is exceptionally trackable, thanks to the ability to run an address level match-back of the customer file to the mailing file to understand the campaign performance. Thanks to JICMail research, we know that Direct Mail is a powerful tool, with greater reach and frequency than previously believed, not just simply reaching the one individual targeted.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation offers a cost-effective route to sourcing specific prospects to drive a high conversion rate. Individuals can be contacted as a result of an action, typically through an online survey, where they have expressed a want to find out more information from your brand.

Once the data has been gained, existing customers can be excluded if desired to make this an acquisition focussed channel.

Campaign Activation

Our approach to campaign activation is simple, we’ll listen, question, understand you and your campaigns and we’ll treat each job as its own, nothing off the shelf. However, with our national buying power, we can secure you the best rates on the market for cost effective campaigns.

Whether it’s a one-off job or rolling monthly campaigns, campaign activation can be time consuming, costly and a complex web of many moving parts. We keep it simple. Join the Dots will manage it all for you, from finding the right solution to your brief to working with the right partners to deliver the job cost effectively.

We also make sure we are looking after the planet, from carbon neutral printers to carbon balanced paper, our print doesn’t cost the earth.


Broadcast Media

Our data-led planners are experts in using broadcast channels to drive campaigns which deliver anything from mass awareness to highly targeted and trackable performance metrics. If you have a goal, we can dream up a plan to bring it to life.

Digital Media

We are an agency that prides itself on being data-led and digital channels provide us with endless streams of data that allow us to target with pin-point precision and track outcomes at a very detailed level.

Digital Media Services


Whether it’s using data for acquisition, retention or cross selling, data is at the very heart of everything we do. We join the data dots to create meaningful insights that deliver effective campaigns and data solutions.

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