RSPCA: Delivering pawsome results with Partially Addressed Mail

25 January 2022


Due to uncertainty around mail post GDPR, RSPCA turned off letterbox acquisition in 2018. However, in 2020 with F2F not an option due to Covid, they wanted to revisit direct mail  and door drop and test partially addressed mail. However results and data were 3+ years out of date so required help in guiding them from volume recommendations to forecasting.


Using experience in letterbox media and with animal charities, plus data including Mosaic and JICMail, we planned a GDPR- compliant letterbox campaign across the three channels, advising on ask levels, format and targeting. Working with the other agencies involved, we created a connected campaign, landing two weeks after the DRTV went live to harness the halo effect.


All channels exceeded both budget and forecast, with direct mail delivering 150% additional donors, door drop  a 35% increase in average donation value and PAM a 94% increase in ROI. Overall, across the three channels, an additional 87% donation revenue was generated.  


Additional budget was secured for future campaigns in 2021 across all letterbox channels to continue raising funds for RSPCA. The campaigns also generated contactable donors post-GDPR to continue warm communications. Due to the learnings of the campaign, new format and creative tests were implemented to further enhance targeting and increase response. 

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