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9 January 2023

What are ‘Edit Agency’ experts mindful of, for the new year, 2023?

We all know the industry is evolving, and it can be hard to keep track. With the turn of the New Year, it was only right of us to ask our industry experts in the company to shed light on what they are looking forward to this upcoming year. If you want some expert insight, keep on reading…

“Economic challenges will continue to prevail, and brands will continue to seek justifiable expenditure based upon ROI with data at the heartbeat of their decisions. First party data will continue to be at the forefront of compliant data strategy.”

Nick Dixon

“Marketing budgets will continue to be scrutinised as we enter deeper into the recession and cost of living crisis.  The continued move to value over volume when it comes to talking to customers, particularly in the acquisition space.  Media partners have and continue to invest in technology allowing them to make greater use of brands first party data, allowing them to create deeper more effective and personal relationships with new prospects that will drive longer term relationships and lifetime value.”

Ben Briggs

“Privacy, consent management and data ethics will move closer to becoming mainstream as more brands recognise the importance of both first party and zero party data, such as preferences. We will start to see consent and preference management embedded into the customer journey as brands progressively and programmatically capture preference and consent data more transparently, creating a rich data utility for greater personalised experiences and building trust with the consumer.”

J Cromack

“Continue the strive to be more supporter centric. Viewing supporter engagement as a whole rather than in silos of each activity/product and including non financial asks such as time and voice. This is even more important with the current economic climate.”

Lotte Buckley

“A focus on greater purpose.

Consumers expect organisations to have an impact on society more than ever before, and most importantly align promises with action.  In 2022, we saw brands double-down on purpose-driven initiatives as they worked to drive consumer loyalty, retain top talent and create exponential impact. We’re seeing a shift from purely looking at minimising environmental impact to a focus on greater purpose.

I think 2023 will see more organisations taking an active role to highlight important causes and inspire action.”

Claire Harrison

“On-line retail will become a competitive and crowded space, there will be a lot of white noise to try and grab consumers attention across multiple platforms. So, brands need to be smart about how they engage especially as budgets continued to be squeezed  – (I discuss this in my recent blog –here).

Consumers will be way more considerate to how and where they spend their money. They will shop around for not only the best deal but will also take into consideration the brands’ role in environmental and sustainability issues.

And with the loss of cookies, there will be challenges when trying to track and understand on-line behaviour. Consent / 1st party data is therefore key especially when consumers are surfing now more than ever.”

Emma Corbett

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