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7 things that top global digital media companies have in common

20 February 2024

The number of people who go online every day is constantly increasing. In fact, it’s probably gone up since you finished reading that sentence.

Digital media is an integral part of our daily lives. Most people use some form of digital media every day, right from the moment they wake up – and with so many people consuming digital media, it’s no wonder digital media is one of the most powerful ways to build a connection with your audience.

The benefits of digital media for businesses speak for themselves: it’s cost-effective, highly targeted, and enables you to reach your potential customers whilst also optimising and measuring your campaigns for maximum success along the way.

So, if you want to make this the year that you dominate your digital media, read on to discover what you should look for in a digital media partner (such as us!) and what the world’s top digital media companies have in common…

7 things that great digital media companies have in common

1. They’ll create a digital media strategy just for you

Everyone wants to feel special, right? Well, the good news is that when you work with a top digital media company, they will create a digital media strategy that is designed solely for your needs.

How do they do it? By taking the time to really get to know your business, its goals, your target audience, and current industry trends, whilst also looking at strategic and customer priorities, to get a fully rounded, complete view of your business.

Then, they’ll use all that info to create a truly bespoke strategy designed just for you to ensure you meet your goals. Pretty neat, huh?

2. They’ll help you get to know your audience

Essentially, if your digital media is going to be effective, you need to know as much as possible about your audience, from demographic information to more specific information such as their interests, hobbies, and the media channels they consume.

Did you know that marketers who use segmented campaigns note as much as a 760% increase in revenue? That’s powerful stuff – which is why when you work with a top digital media company, they’ll use clever profiling and segmentation to help you understand your audience.

By looking closely at your data, they will help you to really get to know your audience, their online habits, and which digital media channels they consume. Doing so enables them to go beyond your bog-standard, basic demographic information so you can begin to understand who your customers truly are and what really makes them tick.

Having such a detailed understanding of your audience means you can then build 360-degree profiles based on behavioural patterns, allowing you to target each customer segment and tailor your digital media accordingly.

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3. They’ll use precise targeting for maximum efficiency

Once they’ve used your data to segment your audience, your digital media company will then use precise targeting to tailor your digital campaigns and ensure you target each customer segment effectively.

Precise targeting essentially ensures that your campaigns reach recipients with interests and behaviours that correlate with your product, so you can be sure that your digital media campaigns are being seen by the right people.

This type of laser-sharp targeting means that you will be able to get the most out of your media spend. Which leads us on to our next point…

4. They’ll make sure you choose the right digital channels

Once they’ve got a detailed understanding of your audience and what drives them, your digital media partner will use that information to choose the right media format to ensure your campaigns deliver results.

From display to programmatic media, paid social to addressable TV, digital radio to native advertising and even digital out of home ads, the possibilities are endless and can provide numerous ways to connect with your audience, drive awareness, and achieve your objectives.

Plus, with so many channels to choose from, you can spend as much or as little as you like, making digital media a great way for brands of all sizes to engage with their audience in a powerful, efficient way.

5. They’ll help you create powerful content

Top global digital media companies know that a successful digital media channel campaign isn’t just about being seen on the right channels, though. Instead, it’s about creating content that resonates with your customers.

There’s no point in putting campaigns out there which aren’t going to engage with your audience, which is why you need to create high-quality content that is informative, relevant, and resonates with their interests, challenges, and pain points.

Better still, in a world where customers demand personalised experiences, a digital media company will also help you to use your data to personalise your campaigns and deliver tailored messages to your audience, so you can build stronger connections, increase customer satisfaction, and boost conversion rates.

6. They’ll optimise your campaigns for optimum results

When you work with a media agency to help with your digital media campaigns, they will also continuously monitor and analyse your campaigns so you can optimise and adapt them accordingly.

By utilising your data to gain insights into campaign performance and market trends, your digital media agency will help you to optimise your campaigns in real-time, ensuring your campaigns are delivering maximum results and that you are getting the most out of your media spend.

7. They’ll retarget them for future success

Top digital media agencies will also continue working hard once your campaigns are complete by tracking your results, monitoring interactions across different platforms, and assessing engagement levels so you can see what’s working and what’s not.

This will then allow you to retarget your campaigns at an effective frequency to deliver cost-efficient response and enable you to improve for the future and ensure you drive the best possible results from your budget.

How Join the Dots can help you dominate your digital media

We’re a media agency that prides itself on being data-led, using digital channels to target with pin-point precision and track outcomes at a super detailed level.

We have over 25 years of media expertise, so our team are experts in creating powerful customer-centric digital media strategies across a variety of sectors.

Planning a digital media campaign and looking for a digital media company that can deliver the results you need? Contact us today to learn more!

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