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A day in the office with… Courteney Dowling, Growth Account Manager

31 January 2023

Courteney Dowling


I like to start my day by either going to the gym or listening to music; I find doing either of these puts me in a good headspace, and I must have an extra strong coffee before 9am. Once I have logged in, I will review my to-do list and organise my day, and then I will check in with the team and get started.  


Lunch is by far my favourite mealtime of the day, for me it is very important that I have a filling and nutritious lunch to help prevent any afternoon fatigue. I try to step away from the computer at lunch by reading which gives eyes a well-deserved break from the screen.


Once I’ve returned from lunch, I will finish whatever I set myself to complete that afternoon and catch up on my inbox and other admin. In my role there are sometimes unexpected queries or meetings that pop up, so it’s pertinent that I stay organised so I can adapt my workflow accordingly.


In the evening I like to unwind by watching a TV show or a documentary, I’ve recently been watching The Soprano’s which has taken over every evening over the past few weeks.


Road trips with a good playlist



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