Peloton: Developing a compliant approach to customer recruitment

25 January 2022


Peloton have always invested a lot of their media spend into channels such as direct mail or door drop in the US market, however this has been something that they had not explored yet in the UK and they were looking to expand with a GDPR- compliant approach.​


We introduced partially addressed mail – a way that consumers can be mailed in the UK compliantly in a post-GDPR world. No personal data is used for building the propensity model build, however we can still make this highly targeted by using customer data at postcode level, TGI data and geo-targeting to reach the target audience (London commuters). 


With our knowledge and expertise we advised who to target, at what time, with what message and ensured a smooth execution managing the media and print elements, which resulted in a successful first UK mail campaign that produced a strong ROI of 1:20. A second campaign was rebooked immediately after the first mailing.​


The introduction of this channel has helped them break into the UK market, finding a compliant and scalable way to drive growth.

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