Legal & General: Driving growth through Door Drop

25 January 2022


L&G’s key customer recruitment channel for their over 50’s life insurance product was direct mail, and when GDPR came into force in May 2018 we needed to come up with a cost-effective strategy to recruit the same number of customers, but through new channels not reliant on PII.​ Door drop seemed like a good option to explore with it being mail with no use of personal data.


We built a decile model using the postcode data from responses gathered from the past 2 years’ worth of direct mail recruitment activity, this allowed us to identify look-a-like postal sectors with a high propensity to convert; an ideal start to recruiting new customers.​


Using postcode data allowed us to be highly targeted and reach potential customers in a very similar way to postal mailings, whilst remaining GDPR-complaint. ​Although the response rate was lower for door drop in comparison to direct mail, the ROI remained efficient with the lower door drop costs.


The campaign results were so impressive, L&G increased their door drop volumes by 300% across the following year.​ The meant a high number of new customers recruited through a cost-efficient channel.

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