Avalon Waterways: Increasing brand awareness with data led approach to DRTV

25 January 2022


Avalon River Cruises had low, unprompted brand awareness which they wanted to increase and ultimately convert into passenger numbers, but with only a relatively modest budget.​


We created a brand-response TV campaign with higher rating channels & peak airtime for awareness alongside lower rating channels during the daytime for cost-efficient response.​ We bought programming which indexed highly against the Avalon’s target audience and used Adalyser to attribute response, optimising the campaign continually.


The campaign was successful across all the key metrics with a small jump in brand awareness (quite a feat with the budget available) and a significant spike in brochure requests and a significant spike in brochure requests.​


As a result, Avalon grew their warm base and nurtured the newly acquired enquirers towards sales. They were also confident in using TV as an acquisition channel going forward.

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