Golden Charter: Driving down rates to drive up results with media inserts

25 January 2022
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Golden Charter faced a paper stock price increase of 11%  which would have made inserts cost-inefficient as an acquisition channel. We needed to act quickly to safeguard media insert activity and ensure the price increase did not impact on performance metrics.​


Utilising our specialist expertise, we experimented with different formats on a variety of paper stocks and researched the audience to understand what kind of free gift would boost response rates. ​Through negotiations with suppliers, we introduced a new costing structure with fixed cost per thousand rates for a set period of time to provide longer-term value. ​


The new creative provided Golden Charter with an immediate 127% uplift in response delivering new customers and counteracting the paper stock price increase. This was a great result that means that we could continue to run efficient insert campaigns on a monthly basis.


Going forward, the fixed rate structure provided stability so inserts could remain one of Golden Charter’s key acquisition channels. Rates remained static as per the agreement so that we could continue to provide cost efficiencies in the insert channel.

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