Blind Veterans UK: Driving new donors with Partially Addressed Mail

25 January 2022

Challenge :​

In 2018, BVUK had an overreliance on one single channel for their fundraiser marketing targeting the over 80s audience – direct mail. With GDPR approaching (meaning direct mail volumes would be significantly reduced) BVUK needed to find a way to continue to generate donors and be as cost-effective as direct mail. 


Using a variety of data sources, we created a united view of BVUK’s donor landscape. This led to a strategy that integrated a wider channel mix than originally used by BVUK, including TV and partially addressed mail, which would target a younger audience and transform the results of their fundraising campaigns without alienating their core 80+ audience. 


As partially addressed does not incur the same data charges as direct mail, we were able to mail higher volumes than in previous direct mail campaigns. The partially addressed campaign drove the same number of donors as direct mail, but because it is cheaper to buy than direct mail, the cost per donor was reduced by 31%.


Partially addressed mail now forms a major part of BVUK’s fundraising strategy, with the channel delivering over 15% of all new donors across 2020.

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