BT: Using Lead Generation to improve the customer journey

25 January 2022


With GDPR approaching and BT unsure of what their post-GDPR activity would look like, the challenge was to scale leads with GDPR approaching, BT were looking to replace their existing cold acquisition outbound campaign with a less divisive alternative, as the outbound channel really performed well for them.  BT had tested lead gen on a small scale previously, which has performed well. Therefore, the challenge was to scale lead gen as an alternative to BT’s cold outbound activity.


We proposed upweighting spend in the lead gen campaign, which captured 1st party consented leads for BT to contact. This meant that they not only gained GDPR consented data, but captured the consumers intent, allowing BT to act upon the recent request for BT to call and/or email the individual, whichever was requested.    


Post GDPR, lead gen grew BT’s contactable database for cold acquisition by 100%. ​And because the leads generated were pre-qualified, and therefore warmer, the response rate from this pool increased by 30%.​


Since this project, we have developed a unique platform for the cleansing and deduping of leads which has led to the lead generation strategy being rolled out across BT Group.​

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