Blind Veterans UK: Using DRTV to recruit new audiences

25 January 2022

Challenge :​

In 2018, BVUK had an overreliance on one single channel for their fundraiser marketing targeting the over 80s audience – direct mail. This meant their fundraising was starting to stagnate and with the looming threat of GDPR meaning direct mail volumes would be significantly reduced, BVUK need to find a way to reduce the decline in fundraising and grow their donor base.


Using a variety of data sources, we created a united view of BVUK’s donor landscape. This led to a strategy that integrated a wider channel mix, including TV and partially addressed mail, which would target a younger audience and transform the results of their fundraising campaigns without alienating their core 80+ audience. 


As a result of running a classic DRTV campaign as part of the media mix, the number of new donors generated by media activity increased by 203% YoY (with budget only increasing 100% YoY). The introduction of TV also reduced the cost per new donor by 29% YoY.


TV now forms a major part of BVUK’s fundraising strategy, with the channel delivering over 20% of donations over a 12 month fundraising period.

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