James Wellbeloved: Strategic pawfection

25 January 2022


James Wellbeloved launched a new D2C product offering for dog owners in Summer 2020. Any acquisition media was required to deliver a £42 CPA to make it financially viable. With limited access to known dog owners and no customer data to determine the target audience, Join the Dots were starting from scratch.


Using experience in the subs sector and working with Animal charities, we ran analysis using TGI to find the target audience, including what they looked like and where to find them. We planned a cost effective insert campaign using 3rd party programmes targeting an affluent, family audience who were well versed in the subscription model and likely to have a family pet.


All whilst testing titles, format and messaging the campaign delivered a CPA 57% under forecast and 11% under target, all thanks to delivering an additional 131% sales vs forecast. Holland & Barrett, with an aligned audience based on lifestyle choices, delivered a CPA 46% lower than target and a RR% 350% higher than forecast. 


Due to the initial success of the insert campaign, there have been continuous monthly campaigns within which we have optimised both format, messaging and title selection to continue driving new customers. The successful titles have also given inspiration to new programmes for testing that have gone on to deliver strong results also.

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