James Wellbeloved: A data lead approach to letterbox media

25 January 2022


James Wellbeloved launched a new D2C product offering and so wanted to find dog owners in the UK using letterbox media for whom the product would be relevant, all whilst delivering a CPA under £42. The CPA target provided a challenge when typically letterbox media is more expensive than digital or press due to associated data and postage costs.


With no customer data for insight, we were unable to create a bespoke model. Instead, we utilised TGI and Mosaic data to create a model for JWB to find prospects via door drop; a more cost effective channel than DM given the CPA target of <£42. The model balanced demographic data, dog ownership and healthy living interests to create a bespoke JWB target audience. 


By using the same format across both channels the lower door drop volume didn’t impact negatively on print costs. Cost effective print and a tailored look-a-like model generated an ROI 10% stronger than forecast. Due to the rural demographics of decile 2, it outperformed decile 1 (with more city dwellers) to deliver a stronger RR%  and a CPA 11% lower than target.


Success of the initial door drop campaign and the unexpected performance of decile 2 resulted in further testing across deciles and analysis of decile 2’s audience. Based on the Mosaic groups in decile 2, planning for both inserts and door drop was influenced accordingly, as well as new customer data included in an optimised model for door drop acquisition campaigns.

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