James Wellbeloved: Un-leashing the power of data lead creative

25 January 2022


James Wellbeloved briefed us on planning a test insert campaign. With a CPA target of under £42 and high revenue and sales targets, we had to look for both responsive, but also cost effective formats to use for their media campaigns. Similarly, selling both dog food online for one off purchasing and subscriptions, a lot of space was needed to cover the content. 


We used our experience to test two of the best performing formats across the retail insert market; the UA5 Double Pop Out and the Portrait Single Perforation format. They are cost effective, allow for discounting to be offered and gave space to explain the product. The Double Pop Out also gave the opportunity to offer one of the discounts to a friend and increase sales.  


The Double Pop Out drove a 100% higher RR% than the Single Perforation, as well as 6% higher AOV. Although the Double Pop Out was 67% more expensive than the single perforation format, the higher RR% of the former, drove a 47% lower CPA than the Single Perforation. 


The UA5 Double Pop Out continues to serve as the core format for the JWB insert campaigns, however optimisations are continuing to be made, from the creative to the offer and even paper stock. Similarly, alternative formats are continually tested to see if we can beat the control and drive improved performance and efficiencies. 

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