The National Animal Welfare Trust: Digitally enhancing door drops

19 April 2023


NAWT wanted to better understand their audience and test donor recruitment channels that suited them best with messaging regarding the work happening on their HULA centre to support the work on the centre.

How we joined the dots:

Channels that indexed highly against their audience were door drop and mobile digital, so we tested these channels with specific targeting mailing postal sectors within a 7-mileradius of their centre. Due to digital being another channel indexing high, we recommended digital activity in the form of digital display on mobile to uplift initial responses via digital pinpoint targeting to the same postal sectors.


Digital results showed very strong interaction rates with click through rates exceeding industry standards and engagement rates with interactive swipeable card ads up 94% compared to target. Traffic to the website spiked significantly around the time the activity ran, with 76% donors donating online showing the impact the digital had on the door drop.


NAWT saw a large increase in website traffic which was driven by the halo effect of the digital activity on the door drop to the same sectors.​ The also generated new donors as a result of the activity making the campaign successful in raising brand awareness in local areas to the HULA centre and supporting the work being done at the centre with the donation revenue.

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