The Woodland Trust: Using a multi-channel approach to restore local woodlands

25 January 2022

Challenge :​

The Woodland Trust needed to raise funds to buy and restore 2,500 acres of magnificent but degraded ancient Caledonian pinewood on the shores of Loch Arkaig in the Highlands of Scotland. The opportunity to buy this iconic landscape was time-limited with less than nine months to raise the necessary funds.​


Layering multiple local channels (including door drop, press and radio) to “hothouse” the campaign or create the impression of significant spend within a tightly defined geographic region​ around the site and using local media channels which were effective at driving both awareness and attributable direct response.


This appeal generated 17,000 donations and an ROI of 3:1 – breaking all previous records for appeals. The income generated allowed The Woodland Trust to buy and restore Loch Arkaig which has so far involved upgrading and strengthening tracks, repairing deer-proof fencing and  removing invasive, non-native plants.


Proving the value of the channels in delivering short term funds for immediate projects opened up new avenues for revenue generation for the charity. 

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