Golden Charter: Introducing Partially Addressed Mail to address a decline in cost per enquiry

25 January 2022


Golden Charter were facing a declining response rate from door drop, one of their key lead generation channels, as a result of competitors out-spending them. Their cost per enquiry was therefore also increasing meaning that the door drop channel was become inefficient for them to use. We needed to explore how we could improve this.


We were one of the earliest agencies to understand the benefits of using partially addressed mail and the greater targeting opportunities it affords clients. We therefore recommended Golden Charter switch from using door drop to using partially addressed mail in order to boost response rate and reduce the cost per enquiry.​


Running a similar volume to previous door drops, and as a result of pinpoint targeting and the complex PAM model build, Golden Charter saw a 403% increase in response rate. ​Although partially addressed is more expensive than door drop, the increase in response rate actually led to an 11% reduction in cost per enquiry. ​


Golden Charter discovered a new mail channel that they could use compliantly in a post-GDPR world, that outperformed door drop and opened up new audiences. We would now be able to expand, optimise and enhance campaign performance for future campaigns.

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