British Red Cross: Responding to an emergency – from brief to campaign delivery in 3 days

25 January 2022

Challenge :​

Following the horrific terror attacks in London & Manchester in 2017, the British Red Cross needed help to raise funds for their UK Solidarity campaign which helps those affected by terrorist attacks. The challenge was to do this as cost effectively as possibly (the less they spent on advertising, the more would go to those affected). 


FOC full-page adverts in some of the most popular magazines titles​, FOC digital advertising across a range of advertisers , FOC social coverage and 2 million inserts at heavily discounted rates in a range of core charity sector titles​


Within 3 days we had secured space across multiple channels creating a campaign that raised just over £2 million for the Solidarity Fund.


Donations to the fund helped victims of terror attacks in the UK and ensure that victims and their families do not face short-term financial difficulties.

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