Mobility Bathing Group: Strategic review to drive growth in press and inserts

25 January 2022


Due to the impact of COVID suppressing demand for bathroom fittings, MBG wanted to re-evaluate their existing marketing arrangements to get better efficiencies and cost savings from their press and insert campaigns.


We ran a wholescale audit of MBG’s marketing strategy, quickly identifying both quick wins and longer term opportunities to drive stronger returns. Savings were made by renegotiating costs with media owners and print houses, while title selection was refined to increase focus on the best performers based on more recent data.


Taking these changes into account, the first quarter of 2021 saw a significant improvement in response, CPL and ROI when compared to the same quarter of 2020.


The promising results from just the first 3 months of activity put MBG in a strong position despite the country entering a further lockdown, and offer great optimism for the rest of the year as the lockdown begins to ease.

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