Avalon Waterways: A fresh approach to press planning

25 January 2022


Challenge :​

The previous agency had been paying high costs for space in the Telegraph and Mail travel sections and the client’s cost per enquiry was becoming too high to make it a feasible acquisition channel. The client was convinced the travel section was the correct section of the paper to use, due to editorial environment, but was open to ideas from the Join the Dots team.


Owing to our expert knowledge of the press market, we recommended a dual-pronged approach using a combination of package deals and late space to reduce the media costs and combat the client’s concerns for rising marketing costs. We also recommended trialling different sections of the papers to increase response due to higher cut through. 


Buying late space and changing the section of the papers Avalon advertised within saw the average number of enquires per ad increase by 123% and the cost per enquiry reduce by 73%. Similarly, when we replaced display ads in the Mail’s travel section with half pages and free editorial in their cruise supp, we reduced the cost by 50% but sacrificed none of the response.


Results improved, costs were reduced, and the client was able to expand their press marketing and test new titles to further increase their reach and acquire new customers. 

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