Mencap: Optimising print planning and creative to accelerate donations

25 January 2022

Challenge :​

After a successful test Inserts campaign at Christmas, we proposed a last minute emergency coronavirus appeal. The aim of the campaign was to drive new contactable donors to add to their warm base via Inserts. It was only the second insert campaign we’d done so we had minimal learnings from a creative, print and media perspective.


We optimised the title schedule based on Christmas results, including only titles that performed on or above average. We also changed the content on the creative to include a clearer dotted line and instructions on the BRE bangtail format to improve postal response, and included urgent messaging to prompt a quick response from donors.


We achieved a higher RR% than at Christmas that was 75% higher than what we’re be targeted to achieve, this allowed us to really over-deliver on their new donor targets that were added to their warm contactable base. We also had a 54% higher income total, producing a very healthy ROI – a resounding success!


Now that we have validated inserts as a channel, we continue to run yearly Christmas campaigns and ad hoc campaigns throughout the year to help increase their warm donor base. Our planning skills, paired with our expertise in print allow us to continue to optimise and improve performance for each new campaign, providing an efficient marketing strategy for Mencap.

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