The Salvation Army: Driving growth in volume and performance hand in hand

25 January 2022


Challenge :​

The Salvation Army were already spending significant budgets across other channels, but they wanted to recruit more donors. Our challenge was therefore to increase inserts volume year-on-year, whilst maintaining a positive ROI in order to continue to be part of their marketing mix.​


Using our extensive knowledge of the inserts market place, we drew up a robust test and learn strategy. We also initiated a media efficiency strategy, reducing media cost per thousands to help deliver a positive ROI.​


Since 2008 we have scaled TSA’s annual inserts volume from 800,000 to 8 million, an increase of 900%. We use a combination of various genres including national press, magazines, catalogues and product dispatch.​ All of this is delivered alongside continuation of the positive ROI required.


Inserts has become one of the client’s best-performing acquisition channels with one of thee highest ROIs of all their channels and has a continued presence in their marketing mix.

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