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Weekly round-up: 5 top marketing campaigns in the face of COVID-19

25 January 2022

Marketing moves fast in lockdown. While the COVID-19 pandemic continues, brands keep coming up with ideas to entertain us or help the world at large. Last week we did our first round up of 5 of the best marketing campaigns responding to COVID-19 that we’d seen so far.

Since then, we’ve come across many other clever campaigns and marketing stunts, so it was tricky to round up just 5 to shout about. But we’ve given it a go…

1. Free holidays for NHS workers

Showing support for the NHS workers battling the pandemic, the travel industry has banded together to offer free getaways for them once people are able to head out on holiday again. Under #treatournhs and #MyTravelPledge, brands have offered all sorts of trips, ranging from staying in a UK countryside cabin to a holiday for four in Mallorca.

Anyone can nominate an NHS staff member to win one of these holidays in the #treatournhs campaign. For #MyTravelPledge, colleagues or family members can nominate a healthcare worker that deserves a break.

Why we chose this: It’s good to see people supporting the NHS staff that are risking their lives to help our society through this crisis. On an economic level, the travel industry has been especially hard hit by the crisis, so the generosity of giving back anyway really stands out.

2. Voices Nationwide looks at life ahead

In an emotional new set of TV adverts as part of ‘Voices Nationwide’, people send messages to themselves six months from now, explaining what they’re looking forward to, what they think life will be like, and the things that are helping them get through the days in lockdown.

At the end of each ad, Nationwide offers its members a link where they can find out what support the building society is offering for the coronavirus.

Why we chose this: Each of these adverts is a tear-jerking message of hope that’ll resonate with many viewers. Getting the message out about Nationwide’s coronavirus support is very important for members but doing it this way is something everyone can benefit from.

3. Virtual swear jar raises money for PPE

If there’s one thing we’ve learned during the pandemic, it’s that avoiding touching your face is hard. But over in the US, a new virtual face-touching swear jar, known as Facejar, has been launched to turn that contact into cash donations. Using Facejar, every time someone touches their face during a video call, money is donated to #GetUsPPE, a grassroots movement which provides protective personal equipment (PPE) like gloves, masks, and gowns for healthcare workers.

Why we chose this: It’s an innovation that turns safety measures against coronavirus into a way to help people working in healthcare. The importance of PPE has really come to the fore during this pandemic, when doctors, nurses, and other frontline staff are working tirelessly to save so many thousands of lives while in desperate need of this equipment to preserve their own safety.

4. Lego builds awareness about COVID-19

We’re a little late on this one but it was too cute to miss. Lego and A+C Studios joined forces to create a stop motion advert, released over the Easter weekend, encouraging UK families to ‘be heroes’ by following safety advice about the coronavirus. It’s the latest in Lego’s efforts to offer support during the pandemic, having already donated $50 million to children impacted by COVID-19.

Why we chose this: Who doesn’t love a bit of Lego? This ad campaign is a funny, feel good way to engage children and parents alike with social distancing measures.

5. And we had to give ourselves some credit

Sorry, we’re blowing our own trumpet. But it’s for a good cause. With the charity sector being heavily hit by the crisis, but fundamentally important, we wanted to help them get their donations pipelines flowing once more. That’s why we created the crEdit fund, where we secured £1 million worth of discounted media space for charities to use to get their names in front of people more easily.

We’ve got TV airtime, media inserts, lead generation and more to offer, as well as free consultancy on creative and technology.

Why we chose this: While many of us feel like we’re on hold, many charitable causes are still in need – some even more so now. It’s important to be there to support them through this difficult time, which is why we’re using our expertise to do just that.

As we try to navigate the crisis, figuring out our new normal and working out where people are struggling, these brands are showing that they’re there to help. Where they can, they’re using media to lift people up. Perhaps they’re directly offering support to frontline workers. That’s surely worth shouting about.

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