BT: Utilising Homemover data to drive efficiency

25 January 2022


The challenge for BT was to contact individuals at a time when they were in the market for a new broadband provider, moving home, using mail; their most cost-efficient channel, as they identified that there was a lot of wastage contacting individuals not able to change provider. With mail being BT’s top performing channel, we decided to scope out what volumes were available for various mailable list data sets.  


We sourced homemover data from multiple suppliers across the market to provide the maximum coverage available for BT to We knew that homemovers data, allowing you to target people throughout the move, could provide BT with a list of prospects who were in the market for a new broadband contract and could be mailed at address level. But rather than use data from just one source, we sourced data from multiple suppliers to provide the maximum volume of data.​


By working with a wide range of suppliers, we were able to provide BT with substantial volumes of the highest quality data which had a greater propensity to convert delivering a response rate 5 times higher than that of other cold acquisition data sources. 


This is now one of BT’s most successful channels and prompted further investment from the marketing team to make it an “always-on” solution to acquisition requirements. ​

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