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Pitch Positive Pledge – We’re In! 

11 August 2022

Pitching is by far, one of my favourite parts of the job. The adrenaline, the joy of unearthing great ideas and insight and then the eager anticipation of waiting for the outcome. I’ve been involved in some amazing pitch opportunities, but also many that make me wonder why I’m there. 
Creating the perfect pitch is something that can bring an Agency team together, it will get you all pulling in the same direction and people of all responsibilities contributing and sharing their ideas. I remember many a late night with strong coffees and pizzas ordered in. At the time I appreciated the comradery and determination.

Now, it is clear to see that the pressure that it created wasn’t sustainable and were having a negative effect on work life balance and mental health. There would be many occasions where I would commit to shorter deadlines to impress the client, when deep down, I also knew the pressures this would be putting on me and my team. 

Thankfully, upon starting at Join the Dots, it was refreshing to see that pitches are just not run that way. It was perfect timing when the IPA and ISBA announced their Pitch Positive Pledge to help protect advertisers, agencies and people during the pitching process. 

The pledge is an agreement of 3 core principles: 
  • Be POSITIVE every pitch, is required 
  • Run a POSITIVE pitch 
  • Provide a POSITIVE resolution 

By signing up, advertisers and agencies agree to be more thoughtful around the requirements to pitch, how the pitch is run and delivered as well as how the feedback (good and bad) is presented after decisions are made. 

This will have an instant positive effect on the environment. The people and the profitability of advertisers and agencies alike whilst helping to safeguard everyone involved in the process. 

Whilst for us, not much has changed in our approach, it’s great to see the wider market unite and harmonise in something so positive. 

I encourage all our peers, clients and partners to take a look at the pledge and join the growing list of agencies and advertisers signed up.  

Pitching is and always will remain an essential part of the relationship building process and this commitment to ensure that it remains positive for all involved is a most welcome one to the team at Join the Dots

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