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The importance of being a people person

17 August 2023

It’s crucial to communicate effectively and understand the people you work with, in every capacity. 

At Edit Agency Ltd, we take pride in the efforts we make into understand our clients, as our customers, and then by extension, their customers. 

When push comes to shove, we’re just people, working with other people, understanding their habits and behaviours; it’s crucial to be a people person in every aspect of our jobs. Even if you’re in IT or data science, liaising with other departments internally, it is still human interaction. With advancements in technology, it’s never been easier to get in touch so there’s no excuse to not reach out. 

It’s often thought that clear, concise and friendly communication is only really important in a B2C environment, but we don’t agree. The way you communicate with your colleagues internally or within another business is just as important.  

Internal comms: 

We have the privilege of working with loads of different companies at Edit Agency Ltd., so we can say with some level of confidence; internal comms are hard. It’s really easy to become siloed, especially in big organisations.  When you’re not sure what other  departments are doing , things become  confused and complicated and efficiency falls by the wayside. 

In this aspect of being a people person, we encourage each other at Edit to be kind and share you voice – we’re not scary and we’re always happy to help one another which is what makes our business and its people pleasant! 

B2B comms: 

Communication between businesses can be formal, difficult to understand and often jargon heavy. Which, if you’re new to an industry can be intimidating. Or hard to read, which makes it feel boring. But when you boil it down, all business interactions are just people, talking to people. The only difference is, these people aren’t spending their own money on your products or services. 

That may seem obvious but sometimes simplicity can be dismissed. With various jargon, acronyms, and processes in business communications, it should be easier to digest for the people who are perhaps finding their way in the industry. After all, being a people person in business is crucial – it is the people of the business who put fuel in the engine and make the clogs turn; being a people person and understanding the people you are working with should be vital. 

B2C comms: 

We all know that a business can have numerous ways of communicating with their customers. And with the rise of AI and automated service systems handling customer queries, you would think that being a people person is not a requirement. 

However, customers -like the people you work with – , all prefer  human interaction. In fact, a recent study by CloudArmy showed that people found human voices to be more attractive than AI voices. They scored human voices 25% more positively and 23% more trusted over AI voices. And interestingly these sentiments held true even if the AI voice was actually human – so the mere suspicion of it being AI was enough to erode trust and attraction.. So, people like people. For a customer, knowing their frustrations are understood and heard makes a difference to their experience; they can see personal effort being made to ensure they are satisfied, which is something AI may never achieve. 

We’re just people, working with other people, so why wouldn’t you want to be personable in every aspect? We’re not saying you must move heaven and earth for others (unless you want to), or put on a façade, but we believe that being personable, polite and a people person makes all the difference in how you work and what you can achieve 

Whether it’s in a business capacity or something more informal, we’re all complex and we should remain mindful of how we approach any situation.  

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