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Join the Dots wins work with 19 brands

25 January 2022

Despite the pandemic seeing many companies cutting down their marketing spend, our Join the Dots is attracting new business with data-led print marketing and consultancy. Since August 2020, we’ve landed contracts with 19 brands and counting.

New business in new sectors

This new business covers a variety of sectors, including finance, pet care, telecommunications, and even travel – despite the pandemic acutely affecting the latter. A number of charities, one of the main sectors that Join the Dots specialises in, also make up the list of wins.

Among the newly signed brands are RSPCA, James Wellbeloved, and Mencap. Sainsbury’s Bank, have also expanded their work with us into the Join the Dots.

Helping clients pivot with print media

Most of the clients have come to us for our print media specialism at a time when the lifespan of mail marketing has increased dramatically. With more people spending time at home due to lockdown, print media is being consumed by more than just its typical audiences. For example, 25 to 34-year-old young professionals have been interacting more with print media than ever before.

Join the Dots are also helping brands pivot to survive the pandemic, such as supporting Mars Petcare as they introduced their subscription model. With our experience in this sector, we developed effective media and print strategies to market the change.

Data-driven print marketing strategies

The key to our team’s success? Our proposition that delivers what brands want – we immerse ourselves in our client’s world, understand their data, zoom out on where they are in the market, and find the right approach from there. We acquire customers with print marketing campaigns that are backed by our Intelligent Data pillar, particularly our data science and data management teams.

The market puts more emphasis now on business analytics for decisioning, and our agile way of working between Join the Dots and Intelligent Data meets this need. We’re open-minded about media – we look at the audience first and determine the most effective way to reach them. And we get beyond conventional media placement, which helps clients formulate the best strategy for a changing market.

Accelerating growth through Covid

Ben Briggs, Media Director at Join the Dots, said:

“Print media is seeing a resurgence, with more people at home and engaging with it. As well as the retired demographic, who are usually home during the working week, there is now a greater opportunity to target larger proportions of other audiences – such as young singletons, multiple children households, working parents, and young professionals.”

“Since the first lockdown, the team have been working even harder to add extra value to all our client relationships. We launched our crEdit fund with £1 million-worth of free and heavily discounted media inventory to help those brands worst affected. This allowed a number of brands to test new media channels as alternatives to routes that COVID-19 had curtailed.  Along with this, widened demographics have given us the opportunity to have conversations with brands that wouldn’t ordinarily consider print media.”

“We’re proud to be working with so many new brands, helping them accelerate new customer growth through data-optimised print marketing.”

If you’re interested in finding out how Join the Dots could use print media to help your brand grow, click here.

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