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Gen-Z Working In Print During A Digital Age

25 November 2022
Gen-Z working in print during a digital age – a perspective on the industry from a creator rather than a consumer.

After some research, I found that I fall into the Generation ‘Z’ socialisation, whereby I differ from the millennial having been born post 1997. Effectively I have been raised during a time in society where advance progression and social change has taken place.

My upbringing consisted of an equilibrium of print and digital content, both teaching me the foundations of the knowledge I have now. There was always something appealing about the feel of the paper on your palm, knowing it had travelled so far and been produced so thoroughly.

As a media graduate, I noticed that the print industry was only lightly touched upon throughout the course of studies; media and marketing have shown the benefits of print and its continuing potential in this sector of consumerism.

Whilst digital deserves its recognition, print is strongly overlooked as Gen – Z are bound to be looking for work in areas they know, such as digital which was a strong focal point of university studies; with the pandemic, so many of us resorted to digital means of no written exams and all readings becoming available by PDFs, this was inevitable.

Join the Dots has taught me so much, in my little time here so far; my naivety around the print industry is diminishing and I have a newfound respect for all the data, creative and print roles that are involved in such a busy sphere. With the rise of digital media, it makes sense for print to establish itself as part of a mix whereby it can help drive digital response; combining the two is proven to be an effective means of producing an omni-channel mix.

Join the Dots endorses that print is not a ‘dying’ platform; but rather one that continuously flourishes. There is always going to be a demographic that enjoys and appreciates the art behind print media, I am being included in this sphere now. Even more sousing print to drive and aid digital makes the planning process thrilling, being able to provide a consumer with an interactive element of the advertising journey.

Starting at Join the Dots has been eye-opening to say the least. This time last year I had no clue that mail could be differentiated into ‘Direct’, ‘Door Drop’, ‘Inserts’, ‘Partially Addressed’ (to name a few) and more.

Join the Dots has taught me that print is not a ‘dying’ platform; but rather one that continuously flourishes. It’s role in an omnichannel mix is vital in ensuring a campaign is seamlessly broadcasted. Print is not just a mailing or press ad that you see, but rather a demonstration of thoughtful marketing that encourages us to yearn for more, whether that’s more information and/or more consumption of a product/service.

Join the Dots embraces print and all its possibility; there really is specialness that comes with opening mail. For the average print consumer, perhaps the intimacy of a mailing being in your home or the curiosity that strikes from not knowing what could be inside, drives response.

Now, as a Gen-Z media creator I have learnt that there is so much thought, care and preparation put into print media and its correlation with supporting digital media. Things that many might fail to consider such as the many meetings, endless files of data and the creative/strategic process of a campaign, really do encourage an appreciation for these means of media planning.

If you’re curious to find out more about print media and/or what we do at Join the Dots, click here. We would be happy to help YOU Join the Dots!

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