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Join the Dots Collaboration with The Drum x Canon

8 November 2022

Creative Futures – The Drum x Canon

The misconception of the print industry declining is something we, at Join the Dots, feel needs to be perceived in a different light. Print has endless potential, and it seems that the rise of technology, particularly amongst young people, dims the wonder of print.

The Drum and Canon have created a project that offers insight into how wonderous print can be, as well as giving young people a chance to channel their creativity and gain insight into our world of work.

We are honoured to be able to work alongside The Drum and Canon in their Creative Futures project. If you want to read more, follow the link here

The project sheds light on how using omnichannel communication – combining both digital and print channels – can deliver optimal and sustainably driven customer experience (CX). We are firm believers that print can help drive the success of other channels so this is very in keeping with the work we produce.

Print has an incredible amount of possibility – the notion that this collaboration with digital printing technology, data and design software can deliver contextually relevant and personalised printed communication in the customer journey – which should encourage other clients to think outside the box. The customer journey is a marathon, not a sprint!

As well as this, all campaigns should, including this one, make the customer the heart of campaign activity. In such a busy market, standing out is crucial and without creativity, the market would be bland and uninspiring. We need to spark customer interest and inspire them to make such a difference the YMCA work hard for.

Working in the media industry, like any industry, has its opportunity to allow individuals to grow. Sometimes knowing how to step foot into an industry is harder than growing within it.

We highly value the mentorship and resources available to the team, especially with our apprentices, to ensure that their development and improved knowledge is inevitably going to let them grow.  Not only this project, but we at Join the Dots want to recognise the efforts of young people and help in giving them the credit they are deserving of.

The project is an opportunity that we know the team would have loved to take part in when they were making their steps into their career. Now, this project is offering a chance for young people to apply their creative minds to a campaign and gain skills taught by industry experts.

The chance to put forward one of our clients, YMCA, to be the brief subject for this has also been a credit to the project. Having such a client who not only wants to aid in the issue of homelessness, but also values the voice and wellbeing of younger people, we felt that the YMCA would be the perfect fit for such a project.

The industry is ever evolving, and we need to bear in mind that we should be championing those at the vanguard of customer-centric communications of tomorrow.

Whilst this may not be the definitive career path for the young people involve, having the resources to guide and influence the potential of what might spark their interest is an honour too. We need to value the impact future generations will have in producing media and influencing societal issues.


If you want to learn more about our contribution to the competition or how we use data in our media strategy, contact us.

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