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A day in the office with…Sarah Burns, Head of Media Partnerships & Solutions

18 March 2022

Sarah Burns

Sarah first joined us in 2011 working in Bath and Edinburgh for almost 5 years, before leaving for pastures new, but it wasn’t long before she was attracted back to Join the Dots thanks to the innovative print campaigns we were executing for clients. To find out what a ‘typical’ day in the office looks like for Sarah since her return to Join the Dots in 2020 read on…

Tell us a little bit more about your role…

I am responsible for the day to day pitching to, and onboarding of new clients and look after our supplier relationships, fostering meaningful partnerships to deliver the best solutions for our clients.

I am also passionate about a sustainable future within the advertising industry and so work with our clients and suppliers to make sure we create a sustainable World we can be proud of.  


I am a morning person and so I like to achieve something before reaching my desk, so I set my alarm for 6.30 to get out the house for a walk or get some housework done!

Once at my desk, either at home or in the office, I typically check in with Ben (our Managing Partner) and look at what’s in my diary for the day ahead. This can be anything from new business meetings or days out of the office having meetings with clients or suppliers or working with the DMA in my role as Deputy Chair of the Print Council.  


I am often thinking about lunch whilst having breakfast, so lunchtime is always welcomed! I really value taking a break in the day, ideally to get some fresh air and sunshine, but even just sitting away from my screen whilst having lunch is important ‘down time’ in the day.


After lunch I take another look at what I have to complete that day, as well as the next day so that I can start prepping what I need to prioritise. In my role there is a lot of unexpected work that crops up which means I must be flexible and agile; my to-do list is ever evolving!  


I’ve found it hard not commuting as I really appreciate the down time at the end of a day, so having time between work and home is good for me.  

I love to cook, so will often be found in my kitchen after work, trying out a new recipe for my husband and I. We try not to watch too much tele, so will play a board game or read a book, or our favourite thing to do is sit on our balcony overlooking Bath and watch the world go by. It’s a beautiful city! 


Travelling the World



If you like the idea of working at Join the Dots, why not check out the job roles we are currently recruiting for here and apply now!

And to see some of the work Sarah has done for her clients including RSPCA, James Wellbeloved and The Woodland Trust, take a look at our case studies to find out more. If you want to talk to us about any of the work we do, please get in touch!

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