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A day in the office with…Clare Arndell, Head of Media Planning & Operations

11 March 2022

Clare Arndell

Clare joined the team in 2016 (when we were known as Response One) and has been keeping the team in order ever since with her on-point organisational skills. Clare has previously worked at large London based network agencies including Zenith and Mediacom before joining the team here in Bath, bringing with her a wealth of experience across sectors and channels, being our in-house AV expert. Here Clare shares what a ‘typical’ day in the office looks like for her…

Tell us a little bit more about your role…

I run the Join the Dots team of media planners and buyers who specialise in delivering data-led media solutions across all channels from Direct Mail to TV and Out of Home. We work with a range of clients helping them to achieve their objectives with data, insight and creativity. 


My brain is at its most alert in the morning, so this is when I do my best thinking. I am a natural problem solver, so this is when I will be working out the best way to do things. I will also be working on any jobs that require a lot of attention to detail. And with data-led planning and buying, there are a lot of jobs like that! 


I feel a bit twitchy if I don’t get outside for at least some of the day, so I often get some fresh air at lunch or run errands to have a break from my desk.

My ideal lunchtime, however, would be catching up with a client or media owner over lunch and a glass of wine at a table in the sun. Luckily Bath has lots of nice places to eat out…just not so much of the sunshine!


Afternoons are generally taken up with collaborative work. This includes: team meetings – making sure everything is running smoothly; meetings with media owners – staying aware of industry trends and researching new ways to do things; liaising with other teams that help us deliver results (data processing, print, creative, CRM and data science); and group discussions – using the power of our team to develop creative ways to solve problems. So quite busy!


In the evenings, I devote myself to my family. My kids and I catch up on our days over dinner which is my favourite part of the day. 





If you like the idea of working in Clare’s team at Join the Dots, why not check out the job roles we are currently recruiting for here and apply now!

And to see some of the amazing work Clare has done for her clients including Avalon, The Salvation Army and Concern Worldwide, take a look at our case studies to find out more. If you want to talk to us about any of the work we do, please get in touch!

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