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How AI has the potential to shift the media industry

14 February 2023

AI, artificial intelligence, is moving from the fictional film landscape and is in fact, being applied to our reality. Its practicality, inspired by dystopian content and sci-fi advancement, is proving to have many functions for a range of different consumer needs.

Using neutral networks, including audio/video/textual/data files are the foundations of such technology. We can then input a prompt that is filtered through an algorithm embedded within the network database and this technology outputs content based on the specification of your prompt.

It’s revolutionary. AI is proving and enhancing the relevance of data and its management in any aspect of information organisation. Whilst we can bask in its convenience and innovation, we need to be mindful of the benefits, but also risks to industries.

AI systems are man-made, so naturally, human behaviours and considerations are taken into account within the frameworks that fuels the networks – depending on what you ask it, AI systems will recognise that it is fulfilling requests from conscious, emotive users. As a result of being omniscient AI poses the largest, and arguably most significant risk of impacting employment.

Eliminating the need for a human, interaction/insight has the potential to make many roles obsolete. Particularly in the creative industry. By generating a coherent understanding of audiences, AI can create new advertisements, designs, and even long-form content such as films to cater to the high demand faced in creative industries – consumers are used to efficient and accessible content, which AI can keep up with.

However, AI, much like other technological systems, will always need updating and tinkering. Whilst it may seem like it’s dominating, it’s simply a convenient addition, to our already data/tech, established means of working.

For example, AI could analyse and process data at a speed which can allow us to further understand and explore acquisitions or campaign results. Utilising data is crucial to media planning, and with AI transforming the data landscape, it makes sense that we should consider its applications to enhancing your media.

AI can also analyse results from past campaigns, offering statistics for what has proven to be successful – then using algorithms it can duplicate these findings into a new, personable and innovative approach for you to consider applying to your campaigns. Its possibilities to integrate advanced data into the industry is an opportunity we should not shy away from.

AI is accessible, but not entirely secure, but have no fear. Join the Dots are working on some exciting things to help make you media, privacy and ethically focused.

Whilst AI is still in its development, here at Join the Dots, we are happy to explore how the data you have can be utilised fully into making your media unstoppable – get in touch!

But here’s the million dollar question: Did AI write this?

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