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A day in the office with…Anastasiya Sirjusingh, Media Executive

16 March 2022

Anastasiya Sirjusingh

Anastasiya joined the team in 2021 after graduating with a 2:1 in Media & Sociology at Goldsmiths University of London. She brings great team spirit with weekly riddles and positivity quotes, as well as baked goods for our office days! Read on to see what a ‘typical’ day in the office looks like for Anastasiya…

Tell us a bit more about your role…

Here at Join the Dots, I assist my team in media planning and buying. My role consists of ensuring the data we collate is accurately stored in our file system as well as ensuring that all clients are receiving the appropriate service from each supplier.

Being able to understand the visions that our clients want for their customers if crucial and highly rewarding; the satisfaction of knowing you have made a difference is like no other.  


I always start my day with washing my face and religiously doing my skin-care routine; this refreshes me and preps me for the day ahead.

Following this, you will always find me with a cup of tea at some point in the morning, whether that’s during my breakfast time at home or in my first hour of being in the office. 


I always plan my day around lunch to make sure all my tasks that take priority are done beforehand, essentially freeing up my post-lunch time to crack on with other pieces of work such as my apprenticeship.  

Lunch is a time to unwind for an hour in between work to prevent being overwhelmed. I like to do this by going out for some fresh air and/or plugging in my headphones to watch something or listen to music to disconnect from my work mind frame.  


Afternoon will usually see me, again, with a cup of tea or feeling rejuvenated from my lunch having eaten and taken some me-time. As I crack on with my tasks for the day, I ensure that everything that needs to be done is completed to my standards.

If ever I finish earlier, I like to take on research tasks and training; I also indulge in some afternoon reading of academic pieces too, to keep my mind stimulated.  


I take the bus home, so use this time to collate myself and enjoy the ride, watching the scenes of the countryside and Bath pass me by.  

Once I am home for the evening, I always put on my pyjamas and watch The Chase. Another thing I take time to do is talk to my family and friends to check in on their days; you never know when they might need a chat and/or have some good news to share. If I need a pick me up after a long day, I’ll open Animal Crossing on my switch and play the game giving me some time to detach from reality and enjoy the simplicity of living on an island.  




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If you like the idea of joining Anastasiya and the team, why not check out the job roles we are currently recruiting for here and apply now!

If you want to talk to us about any of the work we do, please get in touch!

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