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5 unbelievable ways omnichannel campaigns can deliver unbeatable ROI

28 July 2023

An omnichannel marketing campaign is a bit like an orchestra.

Sure, each channel can produce a nice melody on its own – but put them together and you’ve got something truly incredible, powerful, and memorable.

An omnichannel campaign does exactly what it says on the tin: it’s an approach to marketing whereby brands deliver a seamless and consistent customer experience across all channels.

The result? Increased trust, higher levels of customer loyalty, improved customer journeys, reduced churn, and – you guessed it – an increased bottom line.

The stats speak for themselves, with companies that use omnichannel strategies retaining a whopping 89% of their customers, as opposed to brands that don’t who manage to keep just 33%.

How to create a successful omnichannel campaign

According to Google, 90% of customers today demand a frictionless transition when shifting between communication channels. When you consider that it can take as many as 60 touchpoints with a consumer before you make a sale, it’s easy to see why omnichannel campaigns are so effective.

So, how can you achieve a successful omnichannel campaign? By understanding the synergy between different media channels. For example, it’s about understanding how TV and online video can work together, or how using cross-media print and digital solutions can empower your print media campaigns to enhance digital activity.

Once you’ve nailed the art of creating a successful omnichannel campaign (which, by the way, we are pretty good at here at Join the Dots), you can start reaping the financial rewards. Here’s how omnichannel campaigns can deliver unbeatable ROI:

5 ways omnichannel campaigns can deliver unbeatable ROI

1. You can reach new customer segments

The great thing about omnichannel campaigns is that it allows you to identify and reach different customer segments.

Running an omnichannel campaign enables you to target all types of customers, ensuring that your ROI is as high as possible. For example, if you are running a digital campaign, supporting it with print marketing means that you can get the most bang for your buck.

Print is accessible to all generations, including senior age groups who might not have internet access. But it’s also appealing to younger generations too, with millennials interacting on average 38.3 times with direct mail and heavy digital consumers interacting well with partially addressed mail (PAM) and door drops too.

Plus, research by JICMAIL has found that for every 100 people reached through PAM, 10 other people in the same household will see the mailed product. PAM also benefits from being aligned with a digital strategy – in fact, here at Join the Dots, we’ve seen response uplifts of up to 403% by using PAM as part of an integrated strategy.

2. You can create a better brand experience

There’s no doubt about it: creating an exceptional customer experience means your customers are more likely to interact with your brand. Omnichannel marketing enables you to consistently deliver an exceptional experience across numerous platforms – which is great when you take into account that 60% of millennials expect consistent brand experience across all channels.

The beauty of an omnichannel campaign is that it enables you to go one step further than a traditional campaign and deliver an incredible brand experience by ensuring your audience has a consistent experience across all platforms – so you can increase consumer trust, enhance customer experience, and boost your ROI. This brings us to our next point…

3. You can increase loyalty and build trust

Because omnichannel marketing campaigns enable you to deliver relevant content consistently across different channels, you can drive emotional bonds that keep your customers coming back time and time again.

For example, if you are finding that digital campaigns alone aren’t hitting the mark, by combining your digital media with a print marketing campaign, you can provide another opportunity for your audience to connect with you.

Print evokes emotion, which means that consumers are much more likely to be emotionally motivated by a physical ad or printed media. In fact, a huge 91% of adults engage with direct mail, whilst 82% of consumers trust print more than digital.

Communicating with your audience across all channels, ensures you are delivering high-quality messages that your customers connect with, ultimately enabling you to increase loyalty, build trust, and ensure your campaigns are a success.

4. It gives you a competitive edge

By maintaining a consistent, customer-centric brand presence across all types of channels, you can deepen your customer relationships and ensure you win and retain customers in a crowded marketplace.

77% of customers are more likely to increase their spending with brands they feel connected to, and campaigns that combine both digital and print are proven to deliver a 25% higher response rate than digital campaigns alone.

It’s no wonder that marketers that use three or more channels in one campaign see a 287% higher purchase rate.

5. You can use data to refine your campaigns

The secret behind any successful marketing campaign is data – and this is especially true when it comes to delivering an omnichannel approach.

By tracking your interactions across different platforms and media channels, you can get a full-picture analysis of your campaigns and highlight which campaigns – and channels – are most effective at driving leads and sales.

Getting to grips with your customer’s behaviour and what makes them tick means that you can better understand the customer journey, enabling you to uncover how your target audience prefers to interact and what type of messaging they engage with. Plus, you can also establish which audiences will respond best to your campaigns.

As you review your data, you will start to uncover patterns, so you can start tailoring your campaigns to address your customers’ needs and deliver a more personalised experience that keeps them coming back for more. And in a world where the cost of acquiring a new customer is five times as much as retaining existing customers, who doesn’t want that?

Ready to increase your ROI with awesome omnichannel campaigns?

If you want to embrace the power of omnichannel campaigns, look no further than Join the Dots.

As an award-winning media agency, we pride ourselves on our ability to constantly adapt to the ever-changing media industry and ensure that we consistently turn our clients’ goals into wins.

When you work with us, our data-led planners will use a variety of different channels to drive successful omnichannel campaigns across print, broadcast, and digital. Plus, our unique, customer-centric approach means that our entire process is underpinned by customer insight and driven by data.

So, if you’re getting tired of the stale ways other agencies work and are searching for an approach to bring your marketing goals to life, contact us today to find out more about cross-media print and digital solutions with Join the Dots and how we can help you to increase your ROI.

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